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The Power of Self-Discovery

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Welcome! Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk – just kidding. Before we get into it, the formalities. This is the first of a three part series about the mykagami personal growth process that I’ve been using on the mykagami platform and how it’s helped me begin to realise my goals, enjoy.

Self-Discovery. Well, one can pretty much guess immediately what the term self-discovery encompasses. There are a lot of definitions that can be found on the internet that describe suitably what self-discovery is. Many float around a deeper exploration of yourself, whether that be spiritually or through your identity or your life purpose/what you might think that you were put on this beautiful green Earth to do.

However often there is the somewhat overlooked fact that self-discovery is a process. Yes, a process. If you ask any professional life-coach, you will catch them going on and on about the ‘process.’ I could definitely name a few that I know. That being said I think it’s easier to hear it from someone that hopefully you can relate to.

When you’re young life is full of possibilities, you can do anything, be anyone and yes that sounds great but what? That’s the million dollar question. What should I do or who should I be? This is where I found myself 6 months down the line in a job that I really did not enjoy all that much.

I think it’s easy to look back now after going through the ol’ self-discovery process and think how I did I end up doing that? The reality is that the current of life can quickly and quite abruptly pull your feet from underneath you and before you know it you’re looking back up through the hazy water and gasping for a breath.

I feel like I can say with quite an acceptable level of confidence that many people have found themselves in the situation that I have described above. It might seem inescapable but like every guru claims, it’s not. Except I’m not a guru, I’m a normal person living in a big world who sees a light in what seemed a very dark tunnel last winter. This leads me on to the importance of self-discovery.

Are you ready? Here it goes. Self-discovery is important because it is the very first step you take to choosing your own path. “That’s it?” you might ask; yes that is It. It’s an incredibly simple thing to do. To sit down, and think about your strengths, passions and weaknesses. It will put ideas in your head, excitement in your tummy and start the spark of a drive that you might not even have thought you had. Of course that doesn’t mean that because you’ve had a think about some things they’re going to happen, ultimately that’s down to you.

That being said, it’s the first step, and that first step is the hardest. You’ve gone from staring through that hazy water gasping for a breath to now above the surface with a very exciting possibility. All you have to do is start moving in that direction.

So to anyone who asks, I recommend whipping out some paper and writing down some ideas, hop on to mykagami and try out the Passion for Work assessment to help get those creative juices flowing but whatever you do and however you do it, start the process of self-discovery.

Tips, tricks, and advice:

  • There’s no right or wrong answer

  • Your ideas are not silly!

  • Try the mykagami Passion for Work assessment! Its free and you can register here if you haven't already done so

  • There is never a bad time to start

  • Brainstorm lots of ideas and narrow them down to what’s most important to you.

Next post in the Series: Everybody reflects


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