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mykagami is your private

self development platform

Use mykagami's powerful self 

discovery features to develop greater self awareness and valuable insights into your behaviours, beliefs and attitudes 

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refelction board v1.png

Capture and explore your thoughts, feelings and insights on mykagami reflection cards and use the  

mykagami reflection board to identify your patterns and themes over time


mykagami's tasking, prioritisation and roadmapping features are designed to help you move from awareness to action,

from Dream to DO 


Important vs urgent - example.png

Confidentially find, follow and when ready, connect with coaches and mentors who will help you remove blockers, overcome challenges and develop the skills you need to grow


mykagami helps you unlock the transformative power of lifelong learning and continuous self improvement

Make mykagami 

your private zen temple &

your refuge from social media

where you focus on your inner world &

deepen your relationship with you  

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