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A Season of Letting Go

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The Call

As Autumn blows in with chilly breezes that incite gold and russet leaves to dance at my feet, I am feeling reflective as I look back on the summer that has just passed.

Change is in the air…the seasons are shifting and so am I.

Years ago I realised that just like Mother Nature, I am a seasonal Being. With this realisation, I became aware that ‘seasons of being’ are natural to most life forms and I started paying attention to the rhythms of my own soul and the people and life around me.

The more I embraced my own seasonal nature, the more I was able to release old wounds that had been healed, behaviours, people and places that I had outgrown or no longer served my highest good.

‘Seasonal’ implies cyclical and so periods of releasing what no longer serves me, come around in cycles and a new period of release has come now with the cooler weather.

This time feels a bit different though because I am not sure what to release, what to let go of, what to observe as it moves away from me. I have felt like a tree in autumn, unsure of which leaves to let go of.

For this reason, Autumn has been a time of deep reflection for me. Revisiting what I want to create in life, why I want what I want and my journey thus far. Deep reflection offers me the opportunity to see aspects of myself and how I show up in life in deeper ways than I might usually notice in the busy-ness of life.

The Response

During this time of reflection, the first thing that came to me to be released was control – or rather, the illusion of control. ‘Let go’ is the message that I keep receiving from my Higher Self and of course, my initial response was to grip tighter, to try every which way to control circumstances, events and even the people around me. Every time this happened, I was reminded that my objective is to let go and in releasing, to be released, to create my own next level of freedom. And so I have spent the month of October relaxing into a release of control…

The other thing that came up for release was the calendar and time. My initial response to this one was ‘how?’. Almost immediately, as I reflected on this question, the answers started to come to me. Once again, I had fallen into a routine of doing the same things at the same time each day. Yes, there is room for time managed self-discipline but not at the expense of the reason for the good habit.

And so, I have spent the past month doing what I know to be in my best interests, only as and when I am moved by my own higher consciousness to do so. This has been an interesting one. Almost every single day, my psyche recites to me what I ‘should’ be doing at this time and letting go of that has given me a freedom that, at first, felt rather frightening and now is starting to feel extremely natural to me.

This brought me to the next theme for the month – let go of any ‘shoulds’ and lean into following the guidance of my Inner Voice, my Higher Conscience, my Intuition. This has been a practice for me for many years and yet October 2021 I have felt called to trust my own intuition in a much deeper way than ever before. What have I been doing with my time and my energy that I believed I ‘should’ be doing? What could I have been creating with that time and energy instead? This has been such an interesting aspect as I found myself seeing a new angle on so many aspects of my life, just by releasing any ‘should do’ activities.

The Reward

As I spent the month of October saying ‘let go’ to myself about a million times a day, I have giggled at the myriad of ways my psyche has come up with to try to get me ‘back on track’ and back to the routine, the familiar actions, the ‘should do’ activities. This part of me was screaming at me in panic a lot during this past month but she is starting to settle down now as my own Inner Voice, Higher Conscience and Intuition lead me into a space of greater personal freedom than ever before.

I feel as if yet another set of shackles of conditioning and programming have fallen away and I can move through life with greater ease. In addition, I find myself speaking my truth more of the time and listening to people and to life with a deeper understanding. Not only that but in my reflection time, I am understanding my Self in a deeper way too. Knowing myself, accepting myself and in these two actions – loving myself in a deeper way than ever before.

This time feels like a deeper recognition of my own Self. I am seeing more of my own True Essence than I ever have before.

As I reflect on this current season and the seasons of my life that have come before this and as I look around my life, I see the rewards of greater success in my relationships, in my work and in my own joy and I know that there is more to come.

As I get comfortable with letting go, as I trust my own wisdom more than ever before, I am preparing for what will grow in place of all that I have released. I know that the deep process of authentic Self-Love always yields the most beautiful fruit in my life.

Letting go creates space to grow and to receive. Releasing creates space to see what blessings and bounty is already in my life as I move towards all that brings me joy. Taking courage to know myself, to accept myself and to grow myself brings rewards tenfold of the effort invested.

Self-Love is definitely not for scaredy-cats. To look within, really look; and be willing to see the truth of what is there and to accept it, takes great courage. To then listen to the deepest inner call of the Soul and follow that guidance, takes even more courage. We all have this courage – the call is to trust it and grow.

This is Love in action.

Diana Grant


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