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The End of a Chapter

Working at mykagami has been a great experience for me and my time here is sadly coming to an end. However, that doesn’t mean it will be an end to my blogging career!

Becoming an intern at mykagami came completely out of the blue, after I had made a last-minute decision to discontinue my study abroad in Lisbon due to the pandemic mess. This forced me to quickly adapt my plans where I somehow managed to land myself a place at mykagami.(I covered this in more detail in a previous blog ‘Take a leap of faith’)

I went into the internship with a fully open mind and the attitude that I would have a go at whatever would be placed in front of me. Blogging was something I had no experience in at all - apart from one class I took for my English Language A-level, quite a few years ago. When it was first suggested that I could write some blogs for mykagami I had no clue if I would be any good, what would I write about and how do you even write them? After some time spent on idea generation and familiarising myself with existing blogs, I decided to face the challenge head on and work on my writing abilities. With more practice over the weeks I felt like my ‘writing voice’ was showing signs of improvement and the challenge of preparing for new blogs had become slightly easier. In addition to my tangible writing improvements, I felt a sense of achievement to look back on my finished written pieces.

Another thing I learnt whilst working at mykagami came from my exposure myself to the world of coaching/mentoring and self-development in general. I’ve realised just how necessary it is for people to allocate some time to develop themselves for their mindfulness, careers and achieving goals. As someone who has grown up in the social media age, I can completely relate to the reason that the demand for self-development has increased as our lifestyles have become so virtual and fast paced that we have little appreciation to slow down and understand what is important to us.

Working for a start-up and operating entirely remotely was a very different experience to anything that I had done before. I was able to wake up, grab my laptop from my desk, and begin work right away. The clear positives were having no need to commute back and forth and meetings with colleagues can be held virtually wherever you are. For me, I found the whole experience to be far more flexible and time efficient than in any other physical workplace where so much time and inefficiency is lost by travelling from one place to another. However, working from home takes some getting used to and I’ve learnt over time that you can fall into the pattern of becoming too comfortable at home and ignore the importance of actually leaving the house every now and then.

The culture at mykagami was also very different to my past experiences. Unlike working in some corporate, bureaucratic environments, a start-up is more fluid in its operations and more personal as a result of working within a small team of people which was refreshing.

The CEO of mykagami, Yo Percale, has been very helpful in facilitating my growth to become a future businessman. He has shown me first hand, the dedication and resourcefulness that is necessary to be an entrepreneur. Sharing his knowledge with me and collaborating with him on tasks has shown me, what goes on in order to build a company from nothing. I personally believe that the mykagami platform has significant potential to grow and become a platform/app that is used by anyone and everyone with the desire to better themselves.

This past year has been great for my own self-development. Working during the covid pandemic whilst also facing difficult home-life struggles has made my experience particularly challenging and unique. The resilience I have developed as a result is invaluable. My near future aspirations are to now go back to university to graduate as a business student where I have a strong ambition to begin a business of my own (despite being aware of the stress that goes along with that!). I’ve understood the importance of being passionate about something you believe and so then can you put in 100% of your effort. I am excited to find out what the future will be and how else I will grow and develop - years on from now. Exciting times ahead!


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