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Our story

Yo Scooter 2

Hello, I’m Yo, mykagami founder and CEO.


I’m passionate about unlocking passion and helping people shift from dream to do.

I initially created mykagami to help my coaching clients continue their self-development journeys beyond our coaching sessions. 


There are many excellent narrowly focused self-help apps and tools around but I couldn't find one that brought all of the key elements together and so I created mykagami.

In my experience, meaningful self-development is not about the latest self-help book, a specific skill, an inspirational workshop, or even coaching session. It’s not about any one specific experience, however life-changing it may feel at the time. 


I believe that meaningful self-development is more about what happens in-between these experiences. Its about our ability weave the insights, realisations and learning into our daily lives, into our beliefs, behaviours and habits. 

the mykagami effect

Our mission at mykagami is to empower self-developers to own their journeys and achieve real, meaningful personal growth.

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