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Take a leap of faith

Hi everyone, I’m Josh (an intern at mykagami) and welcome to my first ever blog :) - so please take it easy on me and stick around for more!

I would like to start by saying that this has been the strangest year of my life, all thanks to that tiny, invisible virus we are all very familiar with and which I had the pleasure in meeting a year ago now, face-to-face, at the start of lockdown 1.

I did have hopes to study abroad in Lisbon, at what turned out to be, the worst possible time. My expectations for this year were swept away in a sea of endless uncertainty as the waves of covid travel restrictions went on and on. I have never been the type of person to give up on anything very easily but studying abroad (from my desk at home) really wasn’t the dream that I had anticipated in my head.

As I stared blankly at my laptop screen through hours of gruelling online lectures, finishing at 8pm (yes that’s 8pm online classes alone in my low-lit bedroom every night), I began to reflect. I knew how much of my time and effort had been invested into the long application process as well as the treacherous task of acquiring an EU visa (thank you Brexit), but it just wasn’t working out, and more importantly, I wasn’t happy.

It took me many conversations with my friends and family to understand that I shouldn’t be afraid to take control of my life. The path I was on was no longer where I wanted myself to be

After weeks of deliberation, I had made my decision. I would let go of my dream to study abroad and catapult myself into an unknown future - crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that something good would emerge from somewhere. Well, as you may tell, this led me to mykagami; just three days after ending my study exchange, I received an unexpected internship opportunity for an exciting new company (in a global pandemic I might add). This could only have happened if I had chosen to take that leap of faith.

So, you may be wondering why I decided to talk about this in my first blog? Well, this experience really taught me the importance of self-reflection and recognising when to put life in your own hands. It’s good to ask yourself if what you’re doing is really beneficial to you or are you simply putting up with it because it’s easy? Waving the white flag sometimes in life is always difficult, and change can also be incredibly daunting, but new opportunities may be there just around the corner waiting for you - you just need to ‘yolo it’ (you only live once) sometimes!

I believe this translates to many aspects of life, whether this be a career change or having the courage to start a new passion project that you have been reluctant to begin.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown, embrace it. Perhaps you should take that leap of faith and just go for it. Your life is in YOUR hands, grab hold of the reigns and direct your own journey.


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